fizz91. The state Senate's Environment, Water & Energy Committee  has 11 members—seven Democrats and four Republicans. So, you'd think the Democrats could move a liberal agenda, and pass things out of committee like chair Sen. Phil Rockefeller's (D-23, Bainbridge Is., Poulsbo) cap and trade bill to fight global warming.

Not so easy. Democratic leadership appointed a new member to the committee this year, Sen. Tim Sheldon (D-35, Grays Harbor, Hood Canal), who's not much of Democrat really. And the committee already had another conservative Democrat, Sen. Brian Hatfield (D-19, Pacific County). This now gives the conservatives the majority, 6-5.

Environmentalists are wondering if the skittish D leadership did this on purpose to stall the controversial cap and trade bill. The bill is getting a hearing in Sen. Rockefeller's committee this morning. 

2. Last night, the 37th District Democrats formally came out against the controversial density bill we've been writing about; the urban green bill that promotes density around transit hubs.  

And while we've been characterizing the fight over this bill as a battle between two lefty camps (urban greens vs. low-income housing advocates), it's now become a battle between low-income housing advocates vs. low-income housing advocates.

Righteous Rachael Meyers, Executive Director of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, is slated to be on the panel at City Council Member Sally Clark's Wednesday, February 18th public meeting about the bill. Meyers will be defending the bill  (it promotes affordable  housing near transit hubs), against the Seattle Displacement Coalition's tenacious John Fox, who's taking the con side on the panel.

3.  As recently as yesterday, Morning Fizz was convinced KC Council Member Bob Ferguson would be running for KC Executive this fall. Well, things are moving fast in the behind-the-scenes jockeying for Exec Ron Sims soon-to-be-vactated seat. Now, Morning Fizz believes Ferguson is making moves to serve as a compromise iterim "caretaker," while pledging not to run in November.

4. We have exciting news: PubliComix. Stay tuned.
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