Dear Bellingham,

By Josh Feit February 19, 2009


I wonder if the voters of Bellingham know that their Republican state representative, Rep. Doug Ericksen (R-42, Ferndale, Bellingham),  is prone to lapsing into demagogue-level rhetoric down in Olympia.

At a hearing yesterday (about the transit oriented development bill we've been writing a lot about), Ericksen, supporting a failed Republican amendment to add road construction to the light rail bill, gave this hyperbolic speech: 
I'm surprised this committee is taking a stance so violently opposed to freedom of mobility in this state. To say we're going to force you out of your automobile and put you on light rail to get  you to and from soccer practice  doesn't make sense. 

Not everyone wants to live in an 800 square foot flat next to a light rail station. Some people actually want to live in homes. Some people actually want to drive their cars. Some people actually want to have kids. Some people want to go to Costco. 

We're just trying to recognize that's part of being an American. Let's give people options.

Let me get this straight. Adding light rail as a transportation option to a system that already prioritizes the automobile, limits people's options?

Worse, it's anti-child, and anti-American, and anti-soccer practice?

And apartments aren't homes? 

The 42nd is a swing district. Ericksen's House colleague is a Democrat, Rep. Kelli Linville (D-42, Bellingham). 

If the Democrats feel like adding numbers to their majority, they might consider circulating some of Rep. Ericksen's speeches around Bellingham.
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