There was a lot of action for our first week. Here are some highlights:


Mr. News Junkie Sandeep Kaushik  asks some questions bout the Seattle Times: Should they go non-profit? And why are they really for the tunnel? 

Our Obama correspondent, who writes the "OMG!Obama" column, is feeling magical in D.C. and files this bit of historic poetry:

"Afterwards, folks started to pour out of the barricaded National Mall to head to the nearest Metro station and they were all in this postcoital-like dream state.  I might have been overly tired, but I swear I saw a unicorn prance across the Smithsonian with a rainbow shooting out its ass." 


TechNerd makes his debut.

"OMG!Obama" writes about Sen. Harry Reid's penis

Our "That Washington" coverage begins with a bang:

Chris Kissel reports that Rep. Dave Reichert votes against the Lilly Ledbetter Act; I report that Sen. Maria Cantwell votes against the O-genda (No more bailout money!); and we rank the Washington delegation— most powerful to least. Where's Jim McDermott fall on the list? 


Our on-the-scene historic Inauguration coverage begins with an  historic coffee and patties breakfast and continues all day through the historic Western States Ball.

We also kick off our "This Washington" coverage with a review of some silly bills in Olympia and some serious ones

Tuesday also sees the debut of FoodNerd, and "News Junkie" writes about the coverage of the  gay sex scandal in Portland.  


There' s more news from "That Washington" as Kissel does a round up of legislation from the delegation and Sen. Murray goes to bat for Boeing fighter jets.

"OMG!Obama" parses Obama's big speech and a guest columnist has some advice for the Big O: Embrace the Audacity of Nope.


There's Sandeep on the pending PI layoffs and TechNerd on the Microsoft layoffs.

Meanwhile, the news from "That Washington" about the stimulus package pisses off local environmentalists


It was rumors about Ron Sims day; there's an overdue explanation of  "PubliCola"; and it's the debut of MusicNerd, wich featured my favorite writing of the week:

And you know what? Barack Obama has been inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States of America.  This should be the time when, not only do we erase the concept of an axis of evil, we erase that silly dichotomy of  radio/underground. 

This should be the time when the reduction to black and white is no longer accepted as some sort of authentic American purity. This should be the time when you are shaking your ass to something that embraces complexity and life and all that other shit I expect from pop music.  

Speaking of music. It's Friday! She'll even kiss a Sunset pig: 


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