Giggle When Your Bass Player Fucks Up. Or, Webelos are Twee as Shit.

By MusicNerd January 29, 2009

I've always been a sucker for concert posters clearly made on the office copy machine while the boss was at lunch. Webelos are playing the High Dive this Friday, and they owe someone a toner cartridge. Webelos are twee as shit, and if you think glamorizing youthful innocence is trite, then you just aren't invited.  



The one time I saw Webelos they were models of anti-rock star authenticity.  They wore jumbo sombreros and had one of those spinning light globes someone must have won in a middle school magazine drive.

They performed in a bike shop.  And the music fit: Gentle twee-ing boy vocals about the same stuff twee kids have been twee-ing about since the late 1980s.  Basically, If you wear your K Records shirt to this concert it will not be damaged by a really sweaty dude. 

Of course, playing blatantly to genre aesthetics brings up the question of authenticity, and it's a fair question here, especially with a genre as established as twee, and especially in the northwest, the region where that genre was initially cultivated in America.  Is this poster just admitting that the band has calculated and chosen a style of expression that has proven marketable?  How much thought was put into those jumbo sombreros? 

But why be so cynical?  When Webelos perform, they smile at each other and all giggle when the bass player fucks up.  If they are following a pre-paved path, it's because that path means something to them: That virtuosity does not equal sincerity. This is what makes Webelos so much fun to see live.

Webelos are playing this Friday at the High Dive. This is their myspace:


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