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The Big Gulp slurp heard around the web

June 2, 2014 Published in the June 2014 issue of Seattle Met

On Nosh Pit, our food and drink blog, we reported that a Mercer Island couple dining at Art of the Table brought in extra-large Cokes from a nearby 7-Eleven. (The farm-to-table restaurant doesn’t serve soda and the couple asked their server for permission to ferry in the carbonated contraband.) 

Later the chef, James Beard Award–nominated Dustin Ronspies, posted on Twitter and Facebook: “While dining at AOTT I ask that you please refrain from bringing 48 oz Big Gulps to dinner. It just looks bad. #nogmo #nohfcs.” Followed by: “It also makes chefs really irritated.”

That Mercer Island couple? Yep, they saw the posts and were mortified. And so, after our April 21 story, were readers. Among the more than 70 comments on the post: “Another example of dealing with a problem in a passive-aggressive fashion in the passive-aggressive capital of the world. Just go talk to them while they are sitting there already!” Others took the restaurant’s side: “OMG! This woman should be ashamed of herself. Go to McDonald’s child.” But most commenters were appalled by both parties: “Every actor in this situation is at fault. The aggressively entitled family with influence (reportedly) are ridiculous, and the tweeting cowardly chef is straightup pitiable.”



In the story “Network Interference” (April 2014), about Washington state insurance plans under Obamacare, we reported that Seattle Children’s hospital is the region’s only pediatric Level 1 trauma center. In fact, Harborview Medical Center is the region’s only Level 1 trauma center. In “Seattle-Born Bike Gear,” in the same issue, the Rodriguez Rainier bike is made of lightweight steel, not carbon as originally stated. Finally the photo of the ultimate Frisbee team in “…Some Rain Must Fall,” also in April, should have been attributed to John King of UltiPhotos.


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