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Mayor Bloomberg’s gift to Mayor Murray, and what we talk about when we talk about boredom.

April 24, 2014 Published in the May 2014 issue of Seattle Met

In our March 2014 issue, Ann Hedreen wrote about a decades-old generic drug that relieves nightmares associated with PTSD (“The End of the Nightmare”). One reader wrote in calling the story a “superb account of excellent research done under atypical conditions” that “shows the need for much greater funding for basic science research.... The ultimate savings in money as well as human well-being are immense.”

Don’t speak

Also in our March issue, Kathryn Robinson declared six things Seattleites should stop talking about (“Seattle Buzzkill”). Too boring for conversation: the weather, exercise regimens, the general suckiness of the Mariners, traffic, public school placement, and deep geekery—all topics that readers, it turns out, don’t mind talking about at all. “I’ve never heard someone mention the weather and thought ‘Wow they’re really boring huh,’ ” wrote one commenter. And another: “If you’re bored of the topics other people are sharing with you, just ask them questions about something else you’d rather hear about. You’re not a victim here; people are just trying to make conversation.”

Taking bites out of the Big Apple

On PubliCola, our politics blog, in a post about news editor Josh Feit’s April 2014 profile of Robert Feldstein, the former Michael Bloomberg staffer turned Mayor Murray policy director (“The Seattle Process vs. the New York Minute”), readers responded with criticisms of both cities: “Let’s hope he brought his NYC mentality with him and gives Seattle the swift kick in the pants it needs to continue to emerge and grow as a city”; “Let’s hope he left the stop-and-frisk mentality in New York.”

Outdoor cats Finally, on our arts and entertainment blog, Culture Fiend, we reported that the Bumbershoot arts and music festival was moving its main stage from KeyArena to the outdoor Memorial Stadium this year. The reaction? “So smoking weed will be easier.... Yay I hate this,” weighed in one reader on Facebook. Then, countered another, “About damn time!” 

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