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January 2, 2014 Published in the January 2014 issue of Seattle Met

I’m the art director for Advertising Age. The illustration for your beer issue cover looks awesome.
Jesper Goransson, New York, via email

Use It or Lose It
Useful: Seattle Winter Beer Guide (“Beers of Winter,” December 2013) from Seattle Met.
Kenmore Air via Twitter

Beer Me
The Seattle Met piece about beer was excellent (“Beers of Winter,” December 2013). Happy they included winter warmers. #mmmbeer
jadefrog01 via Twitter

Weekend Bender
Picked up the Seattle Met six-pack of winter brews (“Beers of Winter,” December 2013)! Can’t wait to try them all out this weekend.
Becky via Twitter

Toasty Winter Bars and Eateries
Wow! I’ve only been to one restaurant on this list (“Critic’s Picks for Fireplaces,” December 2013). Looks like I know what I’m doing this winter.
Leslie Farquhar Smith via Facebook

Proud Mama
I am so proud of my son; it’s been a road filled with many bumps and turns, but moving here to Seattle has been the best thing we ever did for Harris (“One Direction,” November 2013). He is accepted for just who he is and in this case even celebrated. Thank you Seattle Met and Laura Cassidy for doing this piece on him. I hope that in some way it can inspire other youth, gay or not, to just be themselves no matter what.
Lynette Vertoch via

Postelection Analysis
Benjamin Anderstone’s precinct-by-precinct ­analysis of the election is dead on (“Morning
Fizz: Sawant Won Because...” PubliCola, December 2, 2013). Elections in the twenty-first century are won by holding your base together. McGinn failed that test when he decided to argue with the DOJ over police reform. He alienated just enough of his base, especially on Capitol Hill, in the process and that was the difference between a close win in 2009 and a close loss in 2013. Never, ever turn on your base. Ever.
Nice work, Ben via

Must Read
Most clicked in Sightline Daily today: “An Inconvenient Cure” (December 2013). Great piece by James Ross Gardner at Seattle Met. #HIV
Sightline Institute via Twitter

Royale Anniversary
Sweet (“The Frostitute,” December 2013). We can hardly believe it’s been 10 years. Thanks for the love, Seattle Met.
CupcakeRoyale via Twitter

Ski Tripping
The article about Sun Valley (“My Own Private Idaho,” December 2013) in this month’s Seattle Met sure made me miss Idaho. Might be time for a visit.
Whitney Strong via Twitter

Field Trip!
Sounds like we need to plan a food outing (“French Fry Heaven Is Still in Limbo,” Nosh Pit, November 18, 2013).
Leann Underwood via Facebook

It looks like my kind of place (“Five Questions for the Bartender: The Walrus and the Carpenter’s Craig Schoen,” Nosh Pit, November 25, 2013).
Melissa Griffin via Facebook

With Love From T-Doug
There is no doubt that Cassie Sawyer will be missed in our company (“An Open Letter to Tom Douglas (and a Farewell),” Nosh Pit, November 1, 2013). Gracious and always with a smile, Cassie is the definition of professionalism and would be welcomed “home” anytime. Cheers and good fortune in Portlandia!
Tom Douglas via

More Local Cider
Loved the cider article (“Cider Revolution,” October 2013)… Vashon Winery also makes cider.
Preben Martin, Vashon/Tucson, via email

Everyone’s a Critic
The biggest thing to happen to pastry since sliced bread is the cronut (“Can You Name the 12 Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2013?,” Nosh Pit, November 18, 2013). The cuisine giving Italian a run for its money is Vietnamese.
Ninette Cheng via Facebook

Food Trends, A Short List
Cronuts, bacon, appetizers, and dessert (“Can You Name the 12 Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2013?,” Nosh Pit, November 18, 2013).
Carrie via

Lamb is one (“Can You Name the 12 Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2013?,” Nosh Pit, November 18, 2013). Shanon Roestel via Facebook

Food Trends, a Grocery List
Sourcing local produce, meats...really interesting things being done with seafood...cultural fusions (Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian) with beer, wine, spirits...anything French, kouign amann doesn’t seem to be losing its cracklike luster...previously unthinkable combinations of sweet and salty, such as bacon-infused chocolates and chicken wings with salty caramel...cupcakes (they show up at every kid’s party)...rooftop gardens...handcrafted Italian food...and a huge gluten-free movement going on (“Can You Name the 12 Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2013?,” Nosh Pit, November 18, 2013).
Shannon Razzaghi via

:) (“This Week in Restaurant News: Roux (Finally) Opens, French Fry Heaven Doesn’t,” Nosh Pit, November 22, 2013)
Refik Orak via Facebook

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