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December 1, 2013 Published in the December 2013 issue of Seattle Met

Good Call
Congrats to Mamnoon (“Best Restaurants,” November 2013) on restaurant of the year!!!!
cm_birkmeier via Instagram

Agree to Disagree
That pick is crazy (“And Now…Seattle Met’s 2013 Restaurant of the Year! Nosh Pit, October 28, 2013). Mamnoon should be celebrated for adding interesting variety to the dining scene and a great looking and feeling restaurant—but restaurant of the year? Half the menu can easily qualify as street food with few iterations or creativity. Not surprised that Seattle Met heaps such high praise on solid, but not spectacular food.
Ed Jones via

A River Runs Through It
Thank you Beth Asher and Stuart Avery for caring enough to mobilize Renton citizens to save this precious library location over Cedar River (“Books Over Troubled Waters,” November 2013). Good luck in your city council races. You are an inspiration to average people everywhere that one can make a difference.
Richard Bray via

By the Books
Thanks for your well-researched and fair assessment of the Renton Library issue (“Books Over Troubled Waters,” November 2013).
Marcie Palmer via Twitter

Spot On
Wow. Tears. Everyone should have some experience on “the other side of the menu,” and Cassie Sawyer describes perfectly why (“An Open Letter to Tom Douglas (and a Farewell),” Nosh Pit, November 1, 2013).
Dishcrawl Seattle via Twitter

T-Doug 4 Life
As a fellow ex-staffer of Serious Pie (“An Open Letter to Tom Douglas (and a Farewell),” Nosh Pit, November 1, 2013), I will say that of all 12-plus restaurants I have worked for during my 12-plus years of serving, Tom Douglas will always be my favorite employer. Hands down. Cassie, we will miss you, and I had a blast working with you as well!
Shawna Locey via

A Familiar Face
Thumbing through Seattle Met, and there’s my guy Tom Nissley captured in illustrated form (“Perfect Party,” November 2013).
Brad Thomas Parsons via Twitter

Style Icon
Such a great piece on an incredible individual (“One Direction,” November 2013). Ever since I discovered Harris Reed, while he was working at Driftwood in Madrona, I was hooked by his style and personality.
Heather Horst via

Story Time
Magazine coffee date with myself; be jealous! #elliottbaybookco #seattlemet #dominomagazine
joshua_von via Instagram

Love reading Seattle Met.
Girlgonefab via Instagram

Just read James Ross Gardner’s exquisite feature on Rob Meline (“Ground Control to Mr. Meline,” October 2013) in this month’s Seattle Met. Such a lovely, nuanced piece. #greatwriting #respect
Diane Mapes via Twitter

Truly Inspiring
This piece on a science teacher’s tragic death and his students’ inspiring response is just marvelous (“Ground Control to Mr. Meline,” October 2013).
Nick Berger via Twitter

Raising Minimum Wage I don’t know any business, especially of the small variety, that fails to exercise caution when hiring, regardless of the wage to be paid (“Raising the Minimum Wage Won’t ‘Devastate’ Businesses,” PubliCola, October 30, 2013). Having been responsible for hiring in a large organization that paid pretty modestly, I can tell you that training people to work in any business is a time suck, strangling productivity. It would be surprising if business owners were any more cautious regarding whom they hire due to increased wages. Sure, the bottom-line calculations change some, but business owners are dealing with those changes all the time.
Lincoln via

Public Service
You guys do a great job of reporting this race (“Extra Fizz: Pre–Election Day Edition,” PubliCola, November 4, 2013), and all the local political stuff in Seattle. There’s nowhere else to go each morning to check out what’s happening. Only PubliCola carries the stories every morning, where they’re easy to find. Thanks.
Gail Chiarello via

The Wheelman
Alex Kostelnik is legit (“Meet the Shopkeeper: 20/20 Cycle,” Shop Talk, October 28, 2013). Local, friendly.
Forrest via

Happy New Year
Yeeeeeeeeeees (Ethan Stowell Sets His Sights on Madrona with Red Cow and Noyer,” Nosh Pit, October 28, 2013)!! I am so excited to have this restaurant coming to my neighborhood.
Madronaiscool via

I want those shoes ("PF Flyers x Ebbets Field," Shop Talk, October 22, 2013)!
Florissa Glen via Facebook

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