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Letters to Seattle Met

November 1, 2013 Published in the November 2013 issue of Seattle Met

Car Games
Loved the I-5 I spy game (“Day Trips 2013: I Spy on I-5,” October 2013)!
olympicviewbb via Instagram


In Great Company
Top 5 #Longreads of the Week: @VQR, @GQMagazine, @NYTMag, @ELLEMagazine, @SeattleMet (“Ground Control to Mr. Meline,” October 2013), and guest @TeecycleTim. 
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Woman in Charge
Loved the short bit on the female deadlifter (“The Dean of Deadlifting,” October 2013).
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Talking Points
Just wanted to say how great it was to read your “The Autism Schism” article (October 2013). These issues are some that we have been grappling with ourselves as parents of an autistic son, and it’s great to see a conversation starting in the mainstream media. We do not want to “cure” our son, but support him and accept him as he is. In our efforts to do so, we read blogs and Facebook pages of organizations such as Autistic Self Advocacy Network who value the voices of autistic individuals themselves. The messages of acceptance and accommodation from organizations such as ASAN resonate with us. Hopefully thoughtful articles like yours will help bring this much-needed conversation into the mainstream. 
Renee Robichaud and Tom Vasquez, West Seattle, via email

Autism Advocacy
I picked up your magazine while visiting Seattle recently (“The Autism Schism,” October 2013). As the father of a child on the autism spectrum, I am very grateful that you are covering the rise of autistic voices in the discussion about autism.

For far too long the discourse has been dominated by organizations which do not integrate people on the spectrum within their governing structures. The language of panic and disease does a disservice to everyone—autistic individuals, but also their parents and loved ones, who invest in procedures and medications that are questionable at best, as well as therapies that try to make the autistic “act more normal” and suppress their natural ways of being and processing the world.

Activist organizations such as the Autistic Self Advocacy Network have opened up the door to a crucial reconfiguration of the discussion on autism that centers on the lived experiences of those on the spectrum. They rightly speak of acceptance and accommodation, not “cure” or “defeat.” May their voices continue to speak loudly to help society improve its understanding and embrace of autistic people like my daughter!
Andrew Dell’Antonio, Austin, Texas, via email


(“5 Reasons to Get Excited About Le Petit Cochon,” Nosh Pit, October 2, 2013)
Beebe Sharkey via Twitter

We Love Them Apples
Thank you for the wonderful article (“Cider Revolution,” October 2013). We loved the whole tone of it, enthusiastic, witty, informative, and entertaining; plus great photos!

The cider industry couldn’t ask for a more perfectly done piece. As for Alpenfire cider, your story got us an invitation to pour at the Neiman Marcus unveiling of its 2013 fine jewelry collection. 
Nancy and Steve “Bear” Bishop, Port Townsend, via email 


Raise Two Glasses
We are thrilled to have two wines on your list (“The Top 100 Washington Wines,” September 2013). We liked the revised format of dividing the wines into different categories.
David Larsen, Soos Creek Wine Cellars, Kent, via email


A Real Gem
Beautiful shoot from Seattle Met featuring our Iosselliani fringe necklace (“O Pioneers!” October 2013).
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The Shoe Fits
Great fall editorial in this month’s Seattle Met magazine featuring some of my vintage women’s brogues (“O Pioneers!” October 2013).
tyrannyandmutation via Instagram 


Get Your Style On
This looks like a very good idea (“Indochino Custom Suiting Popup,” Shop Talk, September 26, 2013).
Erik Waldorf via Facebook


New Whiskey in Town
Sweet! I just saw this last week (“First Look: Westland Distillery,” Nosh Pit, October 1, 2013) when I was going to Gastropod. 
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Nuts for Croughnuts
This makes me want a croughnut (“But How Do Croughnuts Taste?Nosh Pit, September 30, 2013).
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I met Margaret Atwood several years ago at a reading and book signing here in Seattle; she was gracious, playful, and awesome (“Margaret Atwood Brings the MaddAddam Trilogy’s Finale to Town Hall,” Culture Fiend, October 2, 2013). Love her work!
Maria Palatini via Facebook


Decibel Fest Fan
That was the best festival to date (“A Fiendish Conversation with Decibel Festival’s Sean Horton,” Culture Fiend, September 24, 2013). 
Dustin Koncinsky via Facebook


She’s Got Vision
Nicole Vogel, founder of Seattle Met and Seattle Symphony board member, was named one of Folio magazine’s top 100 media visionaries. 
Jordan K Louie via Twitter


A Place at the Grownups’ Table
I am mom to Amber Kelley, local 10-year-old healthy chef who appeared in your magazine this month (“Perfect Party,” September 2013). We thought it was a hoot! Amber particularly enjoyed the little caricature. 
Yohko Kelley, via email


Come On, Get Happy
This sounds fun (“This Week in Happy Hour: The Armory Edition,” Nosh Pit, September 19, 2013)!
Kimberly Scott via Twitter

This article appeared in the November 2013 issue of Seattle Met.

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