The Price Is Right Comes to Seattle, Outdoor Concerts, Heated Toilet Seats, and More

September 3, 2013 Published in the September 2013 issue of Seattle Met

Feel the Love 
The Seattle Met Complete Guide to the North Cascades (August 2013) is awesome. Great info and delightful design that’s so usable. I may be in love. ashley k marty via

Come on Doooown
Must. Get. Tickets!!! (“The Price Is Right Is Coming to Seattle,” Culture Fiend, July 29, 2013)
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The Beat Goes On
Great story—dig the hip-hop coming out of Seattle (“The New Sound of Seattle,” July 2013)! Rad photography, and the peek behind the production; I loved the behind the scenes video. Thanks for including this.
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BYO Basket
What, no Sakuma Brothers (“A Summer Guide to the Area’s U-Pick Berry Farms,” Nosh Pit, July 25, 2013)? Along with tasty berries, they also grow tea. They’re in Burlington. 
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Here’s to an Indian Summer
So awesome (“Basements and Balconies for a Hot Seattle Summer,” Nosh Pit, July 26, 2013).
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Rocking Out (of Doors)
Great list (“Seattle Summer Outdoor Concert Guide 2013,” Culture Fiend, July 8, 2013)!
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Demetrious Johnson, Flyweight
Big things do come in small packages (“Little Big Man,” July 2013)! Too bad I couldn’t sit ringside at the UFC matches in July.
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Get Behind the Mule
Daphnes in Edmonds also specializes in the Moscow Mule (“This Week in Happy Hour: Moscow Mule Edition,” Sauced, July 11, 2013), not to mention how much fun that place is.
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A Good Vintage
Cool place (“Crushing On: Beats and Bohos,” Shop Talk, July 22, 2013). via


Game of Thrones
Shiku Sushi in Ballard has one of those superfancy Japanese toilets in the ladies room (“Seattle Restaurant Bathrooms Just Keep Getting More Interesting,” Nosh Pit, July 29, 2013). Warmed seat. Oscillating jets of warm water. Dryer.
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Patience Is a Virtue
Woohooo (“Apothecary-Styled Percy’s Is Opening Soon(ish),” Nosh Pit, July 12, 2013)! Can’t wait! 
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You Had Us at Meats and Malts 
Heaven (“Five Reasons to Get Excited About the Old Sage,” Nosh Pit, July 29, 2013)!
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RockCreek Review Is In
Had a great meal last night (“Five Reasons to Get Excited About RockCreek,” Nosh Pit, July 11, 2013). First day! 
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Highlighting Diversity
I’m curious about the “nonwhite residents” stats (“Real Estate 2013: The Annotated City,” May 2013). As a longtime, nonwhite Seattle resident who has lived in many of these neighborhoods over the years, I’m surprised to see this stat singled out for Beacon Hill and Pioneer Square. What was the purpose of singling out that stat or those neighborhoods?
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Editor’s Note The statistics were included to emphasize the diversity of those two neighborhoods, one of the elements that make them such great places to live and visit. None of the other neighborhoods are diverse enough to warrant mention. 

We Are All Nickelsvillians Now
The tent city shuffle is not a solution...but sadly, Nickelsville residents only know that, for them, tents are better “shelters” than facilities that are one night only and offer no sense of community with limited options to keep families together (“Council Rejects Nickelsville Legislation,” Publi-Cola, July 29, 2013). Our parks are for all the public to enjoy, not for encampments. We are not the only city facing a crisis of homelessness, but perhaps our temperate climate attracts the unemployed and homeless to Seattle. We need some new models for both homeless housing and affordable housing...maybe if we work on affordable housing solutions, we will reduce the numbers of the homeless. Is there a way to partner with Habitat for Humanity, affordable housing advocates, and community centers to study specific needs of the homeless by neighborhood? Maybe we need to change the model from centralized, downtown Seattle-focused solutions? Just some ideas because we all have a responsibility to try to figure this out. 
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Reference This
Thank you for compiling so much great information and links on your website (“PubliCalendar,” PubliCola). I’ve been trying to track down some great references and yours helped me out a lot.
Bella Smart via email

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