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February 20, 2013 Published in the March 2013 issue of Seattle Met

Mr. Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Opus
Seattle Symphony and Sir Mix-a-Lot (“Seattle Symphony Announces 2013–14 Season,” Culture Fiend, January 22, 2013). Can’t wait to hear what they do with “Baby Got Back”! 
Heather O’Malley @Heather_OMalley via Twitter


Unsolved Mystery
When I lived in NYC, it seemed like every time an interesting business closed, it would be supplanted by a bank branch or a Walgreens. In Seattle, I’d substitute “teriyaki joint” for Walgreens, but the bank branch part still holds (“Easy Street Queen Anne’s Final In-Store Concert Is This Friday,” Culture Fiend, January 15, 2013). As much as it’s tempting to see Easy Street as another victim of digital music...I have to ask...with the advent of PayPal, debit cards, online banking, etc.: Who the hell still goes to a bank to do banking? 
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Steelhead Debate
The article “How a Steelhead Trout Goes from the Hoh River to the Entree Menu” (February 2013) gives the impression that it is okay to harvest and eat native steelhead because of the “massive effort to preserve this resource and make sure we still have steelhead 10, 30, or 50 years from now,” in reference to the nearly 90 percent of steelhead that are of hatchery origin. In my opinion, advocating the harvest of native steelhead and propagation of hatchery steelhead is like proposing we all eat wild tiger steaks. 
Travis J. Bill, McKinleyville, California


Big Fish
I’ve been working with (and eating) Bristol Bay salmon since 1976 as a biologist, commercial fisherman, and now fleet manager. I’ve worked on every spawning ground in Lake Iliamna (site of Pebble Mine). I winced when I read Maria Hines’s quote: “It’s not from one of those giant fish companies that buy fish by the ton...” (“Best Fishes!” February 2013). Our fleet would be distraught and broke if we couldn’t handle their catch by the ton. 

If we can’t, we put the fleet on “limit,” which is to fishermen, the worst possible event that can happen, next to the sinking of their boat. Each company’s ability to handle high volumes in a short period is crucial to competing for the affections of the fishing fleet.

Companies like Icicle Seafoods go to great, expensive efforts to keep fish cold, and this applies to all species that we handle. The sockeye fillets at your neighborhood grocery store wouldn’t be available, certainly at the current price, if the fleet had to rely on small-shop production.

Lastly, I’m the guy that brought Alaskan herring to Eli Dahlin and Renee Erickson at the Walrus and the Carpenter. I’m happy to have a role in a giant processing company that produces large volumes of wholesome, delicious seafood that increasingly more Americans are eating.
Warner Lew, Fleet Manager–Bristol Bay, Icicle Seafoods, Fishermen’s Terminal


Fish Stories
After years I spent sulking about spending high dollars for mislabeled fish in local markets that should know better, I enjoyed reading that you and others (including Boston Globe articles in 2011 and 2012) are now warning readers (“Best Fishes,” February 2013). Shouldn’t this be illegal? I’m so tired of buying fake halibut (and returning it) that I’ve just moved onto other fish to cook at home and save the halibut for when I dine out. 
Rob Crittenden, South Lake Union


Orange Crush
Love, love, love orange wine (“Stupid Question for the Bottle Shop Owner: What’s Orange Wine?Sauced, January 4, 2013)! I have seen some options at Bar Ferd’nand. Anybody know where to find Georgian orange wines? 
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Code Warriors
Greatly appreciative of Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack’s honesty and approach in introducing her and LadyCoder’s intentions (“Code Breaker,” February 2013). These kinds of genuine leaders are the pioneers who people, specifically women, can and will look up to as role models and mentors. 
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Handle with Care
Consulting Breed Specific Legislation proponents Colleen Lynn and Ellen Taft on matters of pit bulls is like consulting the Catholic Church on gay rights (“Consider the Pit Bull,” February 2013).... Every dog behavior expert or veterinarian or organization dedicated to the canine-human bond tells you the real story, that it is the animal’s handler who is most responsible for its behavior. 
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Props for Props
I, too, recommend voting yes on both Propositions 1 and 2 (“PubliCola Picks: ‘Yes’ on the Seattle School Levies,” PubliCola, January 23, 2013). But there are a couple of considerations. The district has not been great at managing capital money. They overdesign and overbuild (one new K–8 has a rotunda; need I say more?). They commingle capital funds to the point where they say that they replaced roofs at three schools in the last capital levy, and yet those same three schools are in the next capital levy roofs. As well, some charters will be eligible for their share of both levies.
Melissa Westbrook, public education activist, via


Voting Again Already?
How much does it cost to hold this election in February, only three months after the full November election (“PubliCola Picks: ‘Yes’ on the Seattle School Levies,” PubliCola, January 23, 2013)? If schools need the money, first work to streamline the ballot process. 
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Steinbrueck for Mayor
Peter Steinbrueck is the only mayoral candidate that has been against the new arena proposal from day one (“One Question for Peter Steinbrueck,” PubliCola, January 24, 2013). That is why he will pass the primary and win the general. Most people don’t even want a publicly financed stadium, let alone one in SoDo.
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Anyone But Steinbrueck
The Sonics in Bellevue would be great for Bellevue but a giant loss for Seattle (“One Question for Peter Steinbrueck,” PubliCola, January 24, 2013). The Seattle mayor should be encouraging people and businesses to invest in our city, not Bellevue. Vote for anyone but Steinbrueck for mayor in 2013!
Bill via

Answered prayer!
(“Zara Coming to Westlake Center,” Shop Talk, January 24, 2013)
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