Secret No More, Egalitarian Wine Picks, and McKenna’s Choice

October 8, 2012 Published in the November 2012 issue of Seattle Met

I’d like to go to all of these places. They all look so fantastic (“Northwest Travel Awards 2012,” October 2012)
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It’s on! (“Today in Smackdowns: Oregon vs. Washington Riesling,” Sauced, September 13, 2012)
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There are some great bottles on this list! (“100 Best Washington Wines: Bottle Bang for Your Buck,” September 2012)
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Great prefab by Chris Pardo’s Elemental Design (“House in a Box,” October 2012). Love it!
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Great Scott
Great post, Allecia (“Bisato Will Close October 14,” September 24, 2012). Kathryn Robinson’s coverage of Scott Carsberg—stretching all the way back to some of her reviews for the Seattle Weekly in the ’80s and ’90s—is among the best ever written about his work. She has definitely been one of the Seattle food writers to successfully distill what was most special about this guy. There are so many great Bisato dishes I’m going to miss. I’m going to have to get in there as much as possible in the next few weeks so I can get my fix before it closes. 
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What About Mom and Pop?
This list (“100 Best Washington Wines,” September 2012) represents pretty much 40 to 50 (out of the 700) wineries in the state... C’mon Sean, expose the greatness all around, especially the many mom-and-pops—and not the rich folks like Reynvaan who have Christophe Baron at their disposal; we all know their wines are great. 
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Egalitarian Wine Picks
Do you not have access to wines that are in small production or aren’t cult wines (“100 Best Washington Wines: Bottle Bang for Your Buck,” September 2012)?
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McKenna’s Choice
Women are right to oppose Rob McKenna in the governor’s race (“Irreversible Momentum,” PubliCola, September 13, 2012). He won’t come straight on choice in the election, although to Republican crowds behind closed doors he is antichoice. He opposed extending benefits to domestic partnerships while a King County Council member. And he opposes health care reform. McKenna is bad for women and bad for Washington. He may have a prodigious brain, but his heart is several sizes too small.
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Dome Cred
Buckminster Fuller did not design two domes at the 1962 World’s Fair (“Go See: The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller,” Culture Fiend, September 5, 2012). The Laser Dome and the Ford Dome were both designed by Thomas C. Howard, architect and engineer at Synergetics. Bucky had no input on either dome. The Laser Dome is a geodesic projection screen, originally known as the Boeing Spacearium. Bucky did not design any of the Synergetics domes; he held the patent to the geodesic dome geometry. 
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Take the Initiative
I hope that you write about the polling on the initiatives—that’s where the great news is (“The Survey USA Poll: Smart Guys Finish Last?PubliCola, September 11, 2012). Gay marriage is supported strongly in nearly every category except those over 65 or conservative. And nearly tied in Eastern Washington. And pot polling is higher every month.
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Secret No More
As president of ARNPs United, which provides a network for communication among advanced registered nurse practitioners across the state and monitors regulatory issues relating to the profession, I want to express our sincere appreciation to you for including nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists in Seattle Met’s Top Doctors and Nurses article (August 2012). For over 40 years, nurse practitioners have been providing comprehensive, independent, high quality, and cost-effective care to the citizens of Washington state. We are the best kept secret in health care, but thanks to recognition like that received in your magazine, the secret is being revealed. We look forward to future issues that acknowledge the contributions that advanced practice nurses make to the well-being of our community. Many sincere thanks from all of us on the Board of Directors of ARNPs United.
Nancy Lawton, Kent


Moonlight Panorama
I enjoyed your article on the different perspectives on photographing Mount Rainier (“Take Your Best Shot,” August 2012). One perspective few understand is photographing the mountain at night illuminated by a full moon. Or few are willing to go stand out in the cold and dark to get it. I have included the photo [below] I took summer before last during the month of July. The mountain is fully lit by the moon, but the sky was dark enough to capture a star field. Since the Sunrise side is accessible just a few months out of each year due to the uncertainty of the weather surrounding the mountain, this was a very lucky opportunity. I did return last summer but there were too many clouds diffusing the moonlight and the snowfield closest to the camera hadn’t melted enough. The photo is a composition of nine images stitched together to produce one 14-by-36-inch image. The images were taken on the Sunrise side at an elevation of about 6,800 feet using a Nikon D2X camera with a Sigma 50-millimeter f/1.4 lens.
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I am definitely going to visit this new boutique when wedding dress shopping. :) (“Inside the Dress Theory,” Shop Talk, September 5, 2012).
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