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March 16, 2009 Published in the April 2009 issue of Seattle Met


Bellevue’s Bel-Red rezone scheme (“Eastside, Big City: Growing Pains,” February 2009) is being foisted on the community primarily to satisfy the profit motives of a few major property owners. It is a direct refutation of the City’s commitment to concentrate future jobs and housing growth in the downtown area, as set forth in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. City commissions and boards also have done no independent evaluations of the staff’s proposal and have solicited no alternative evaluations. And, not one member of any City commission or board submitted any comments on the proposal’s environmental impact statement.

David F. Plummer


As someone who markets Bellevue to meeting and convention planners, I am always looking for third-party information about our community—“The Rise of the Eastside” (February 2009) is a wonderful article for that purpose. I also was impressed with José Mandojana’s wonderful cover photo of Bellevue’s skyline.

Sharon Linton
Marketing and Communications Manager, Meydenbauer Center


Eric Scigliano’s article on gangs (“Gangland,” February 2009) is well written, but I take strong exception to the quote that says “Gang rivalries have roots in a hallowed local tradition: high school sports.”

I am a retired high school teacher from Southern California, where I worked with some gang “kids” in 24-hour schools. It was a hellish environment, and I still have nightmares about it. I think the major mistake in attempting to reform gang members stems from the idea that if you give these kids a job or a paycheck they will straighten up. Some will, some won’t. We could learn from other countries when dealing with such gang members. For their first offense, community service. After their first offense, send them to Alaska where they can be prevented from harming others.

Hal Zack


I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Chopp (“Fine. Call Me a Dictator,” January 2009) several years ago and found him to be a very nice man. But Chopp’s recent activities regarding the viaduct present an excellent example of his failure to provide any leadership on the critical issues facing our state. It’s time for him to get out of the way. Nothing he says has any credibility.

But, I do like him.

David W. Krause
Queen Anne


In “Unnecessary Buffness” (February 2009), Matthew Halverson labeled the creation of the Lingerie Football League as “progressive.” I think the women that are part of these types of institutions and businesses are traitors to the rest of us who are proud of our beauty and sexuality but won’t sell it out at the expense of our intelligence, emotional strength, and spirituality.

Donna Dziak

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