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January 4, 2009 Published in the March 2008 issue of Seattle Met

Bakery Flake Out
I just had a little fun browsing through your “Hot Breakfast Spots” article (January 2008). My own very favorite fancy breakfast treat is the oeufs en meurette at Café Campagne. Splendid! And I was glad to see Café Besalu in your pastry section; they’re great. However, I was shocked—just shocked—to see that you had not included Belle Epicurean (in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel) in that very same section.
Dan Charlson


Varsity Fan
I loved the issue about the best breakfast places in Seattle (January 2008), and I’m sure you did some thorough research, however I am quite dismayed that you neglected one of the absolute top spots in Wallingford. The Varsity Inn has some of the freshest and best-tasting omelets in the city, as well as an amazing array of other equally delicious breakfast choices.
James Swift


Missed in Mukilteo
I enjoyed your “Hot Breakfast Spots” (January 2008). However, in my humble opinion, the contributing staff missed a very significant spot, a breakfast and lunch restaurant every bit as good as the Maltby Cafe—which I have also enjoyed, despite the long wait—but smaller, very cheery, and with no wait, a friendly staff, and awesome breakfasts.

Try the mixed-berry French toast with Devonshire whipped cream, the huevos rancheros with a cup of fruit and an English muffin (a must for savoring their freezer jam), or the North Beach Breakfast. Of course, the drink of choice is their fresh-squeezed orange juice.

The name: Patty’s Eggnest in Mukilteo (each Patty’s Eggnest has its own specialties, so don’t get them mixed up). Go there hungry, the portions are generous!
Tom Nash III


The Coffee and Her
I read with great interest Katherine Koberg’s editor’s note, “The Eggs and I” (January 2008), where she discusses her days as a waitress, filling “little cups on little saucers with endless refills of drip coffee from a glass carafe with the word ‘Boyds’ stamped on the side.” It is always nice to see Boyd alums that have done well for themselves. As a third-generation Boyd, I can assure you that the company is still thriving as a premier coffee purveyor.
David D. Boyd
Co-CEO and President, Boyd Coffee Company, Portland


And Bus Rides for All
With the Joshua Roman article (January 2008) read and appreciated, some breakfast spots noted, and the tear-out subscription card filled out, I plopped down on the sofa to finish the issue. I started reading the last page, and saw the hint that no Republicans would feel comfortable with your magazine. I’m an independent, but I don’t like discrimination against any person or group.
Harry Frudd


We got so excited about the restaurant and bar specials in our “Great Stuff Cheap” feature (February 2008), we incorrectly listed New Urban Eats as occurring in January and May; it takes places in May and September. And it seems we had gulped down one too many New Urban Drinks when we wrote that the event happens in November. Last year it ran in September; a 2008 program has not yet been scheduled.

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