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January 20, 2009 Published in the February 2009 issue of Seattle Met


I was disappointed to see that preventive dentistry was omitted from your survey of dentists (“Top Dentists,” January 2009). The top practitioner (or should I say teacher?) of preventive dentistry locally is Dr. Martin J. Nigrelle. I am not that surprised to see that he was overlooked; he is progressive and, as such, does not fit with the ADA’s philosophies toward preventive dentistry.

Kevin Callahan
Maple Leaf


It was unfair of writer Michaelangelo Matos not to list other local founding members of the band Heart in your December 2008 issue (“50 Most Influential Musicians”). These include lead guitarist Roger Fisher, whose brother Mike produced some of the band’s first albums. Other members were bassist Steve Fossen, drummer Michael DeRosier, and Howard Leese, who played a variety of instruments. A little research would have gone a long way.

Jan Nickman


I was disappointed with the lack of historical perspective in December’s music feature (“50 Most Influential Musicians”). While the feature was attractive in its focus, it lacked depth. Cases in point: Seattle icon Alice Stuart was totally overlooked. The blues community sadly was not represented with the likes of Rod Cook or Randy Oxford. Greta Matassa also certainly is a Seattle icon of the jazz scene.

James F. McBride


I really enjoyed the article on Seattle’s music history (“50 Most Influential Musicians, December 2008), but where is Alice in Chains? Easily the heaviest of the big four grunge acts, they went on to influence a ton of other bands. Without Alice in Chains, who knows what heavier acts from today, such as Godsmack, would sound like or whether they would even exist at all.

Chris Allen


I am a New Yorker who subscribes to Seattle Metropolitan, which I find to be one of the most well-written magazines around today. I found “50 Most Influential Musicians” (December 2008) to be of great interest, but I was surprised that Alice in Chains wasn’t a part of this celebration of Seattle’s finest musicians. Using harmonies to create a sound no other band has been able to mimic to this day, Alice in Chains is one of our most influential bands to date and should be recognized for all they have given us over the years.

Mary Ellen Ingegneri
New York


I just finished reading “50 Most Influential Musicians” (December 2008) and I take my hat off to you. I learned a lot, and it was a wonderfully diverse selection—really soulful in its evocation of both artists and communities. I was especially grateful for the mentions of Stuart Dempster and Dumi Maraire, since I am gearing up to defend our Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist positions against budget cuts. I have recommended that my colleagues in the UW School of Music read this issue to see how there is room for so many different kinds of music in our city.

Shannon Dudley

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