Fan Mail for Foodie
I’m writing to rave about your restaurant critic, Kathryn Robinson. I dine out infrequently but I read her features because she is such a brilliant writer. She’s delightfully original—thank you for not editing all of her wacky, made-up words, irreverent caricatures, and colloquialisms. She is a fresh voice in journalism and cracks me up every time.
Katherine Evans

Walk Away
Your “Overcoddled Pedestrian” article (Mudroom, January 2008) was patently offensive. Saving lives does not equal coddling. This is Seattle, we’re nice here.
Steve Bryant

A+ Article
As an educational consultant who works with Puget Sound families considering and applying to private schools, I applaud your December 2007 issue (“Ultimate Guide to Private Schools”). The extraordinary set of hard data, application timeline, and school vignettes you provided will undoubtedly help families as they begin searching for school options. My hope is that your future issues will paint equally vivid pictures of other private schools in our area.
Roger D. Cibella
President, Cibella and Associates, Seattle

Questioning Tradition
Your “Ultimate Guide to Private Schools” (December 2007) provided much helpful information for parents wanting to better understand private schools. Here at Seattle Country Day School, we were surprised to be labeled as a “traditional” school in the accompanying chart. SCDS has over 40 years’ experience with children who score in the top 3 percent of an intelligence test. We were pioneers and are now experts in inquiry-based education; a type of teaching and learning that de-emphasizes rote learning, plays to our population’s extreme inquisitiveness, and places special focus on critical thinking.
Kathy McCann
Director of Admissions, 
Seattle Country Day School, Seattle

We appreciated your recent coverage of Seattle area private schools (“Ultimate Guide to Private Schools,” December 2007). However, I was disappointed to see St. Thomas misrepresented as Catholic in your chart. While we have maintained a close relationship with St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the original founder of the school, St. Thomas School is independent and nonsectarian. Blending tradition and innovation, we have developed a unique world religions and character program that complements a rigorous academic one.
David A. Selby
Associate Head for Institutional Advancement,
St. Thomas School, Medina

Home to Roost
I just wanted to update the story in Suky Hutton’s article “Why Did the Rooster Cross the Road?” (January 2008). Conor the rooster is alive and well at our small farm in Port Orchard. He is happily living in a bright basement room while his new home is being built. He likes roosting in the closet (top shelf) and enjoys staring at himself in the mirror. A happy ending for a now famous West Seattle rooster.
Ailee Regal
Port Orchard

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