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December 27, 2008 Published in the July 2008 issue of Seattle Met

Gold Star
Eric Scigliano’s “Give Back the Night” (June 2008) exceeds all expectations in communicating the largely unnoticed loss of the Pacific Northwest’s dark skies and the potential impact of light pollution. I believe your article will be a tremendous tool in identifying light pollution concerns, mobilizing the citizenry, and supporting light pollution restrictions in Washington and in the Pacific Northwest.
David W. Ingram
Boeing Employees’ Astronomical Society, Kent

Regarding “Regarding Tess”
A friend brought me the issue with the very fine article by Claire Dederer (“Regarding Tess,” May 2008). She wrote in a very sensitive and mindful way about my position regarding Beginners and indeed, my daily work with Raymond Carver’s publication matters during this time since his death in 1988, and especially about the current struggles to bring his manuscript into publication. Please pass my regards and admiration to Alison Classon, who did the illustration of Ray and me. It was lovely indeed, and I could feel her cherishing.

I believe all will turn out well for Ray’s book Beginners, and this article goes a long way to define the contours of that endeavor, with one outstanding need for change: the term “drafts.” I am endeavoring to publish a final book manuscript, not a “draft,” which implies something unfinished and in process.
Tess Gallagher
Port Angeles


Another Plane
Great job on the May 2008 issue! I especially enjoyed seeing the Mudroom’s “Fly Boy Toys,” the Flying Heritage Collection of vintage aircraft owned and exhibited by Paul Allen. A minor (but important, to us World War II aviation buffs) quibble: The British RAF aircraft in the foreground of the photograph is identified as one of the legendary Supermarine Spitfires, the type which helped turn back the Nazi Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. I believe, however, that the plane in the foreground is actually the Spitfire’s little brother, the tough, doughty, and reliable Hawker Hurricane.
Phil Karasick


Reservations Required
Your “Great Outdoors Guide” (June 2008), suggests arriving early to camp at Posey Island in the San Juans since reservations aren’t available.

Oh, but they are. For the past two years Washington State Parks has regulated camping on the two campsites here that are part of the Cascadia Marine Trail. Campsites are reservable, from May 15 to September 15, with seven days’ minimum notice.
Reed Waite

More beans for your buck: In June’s “Scene” article on Austin Cantina, we listed the average entrée price as over $30. In fact, entrées at the Tex-Mex hot spot in Ballard cost between $14 and $20.

The full-page photo of Tess Gallagher (“Regarding Tess,” May 2008) should have been credited to Marion Ettlinger; and the photo of Tess and her Boston terrier, Miss Peggy, was taken along the Morse River in Port Angeles, not Port Townsend.

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