Real Estate 2013

Our most detailed annual real estate review ever covers 138 neighborhoods in and around Seattle.

Research by Karen Taylor Quinn April 17, 2013 Published in the May 2013 issue of Seattle Met

Download the pdf of vital stats on 138 neighborhoods


How We Got the Data

Market Values
Median prices and sales counts of single-family homes and condominiums were supplied by the online real estate database and marketplace Zillow, headquartered in Seattle. Median home values represent a combination of single-family homes and condos in each neighborhood or city, not just homes recently sold or currently on the market. Rental value index represents median monthly rent for all rental units in each area.

Zillow calculated most demographic estimates using the U.S. 2010 decennial census. Zillow’s economists isolated census statistics by city block, then aggregated data to represent each cultural neighborhood, census designated place, and city. For median household income and percent of residents with bachelor’s degrees, Zillow relied on the 2012 five-year American Community Survey, which includes samples from 2007 to 2011, again creating aggregated block-level data to represent each area. Total population and density were calculated using the 2010 census.


Crime statistics, calculated by Zillow, reflect the most recent time span for which a complete set of data was available. Crime figures for neighborhoods in Seattle reflect all reported incidents occurring in 2011. Zillow researchers classified crime data using standard legal definitions of violent and nonviolent offenses. For city-level data, Zillow used statistics from the most recent Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs crime report. Average walk and transit scores for Seattle neighborhoods and municipalities in the metropolitan region were taken from Driving times were calculated using Google Maps.

NA marks areas where data was unavailable due to lack of sample size.

Download the pdf of vital stats on 138 neighborhoods


Published: May 2013

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