JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE who inhabit them, neighborhoods and towns have personalities. Some are flamboyant and boisterous. Others are laid back and introverted. Our profiles of 15 Seattle and suburban enclaves celebrate communities that thrive in their own unique ways. But they’re hardly alone. Each and every neighborhood in the greater metropolitan area has qualities—low crime, acres of parks, short commutes—that make those who live there feel at home.

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Our Real Esate interactive data represents Seattle Metropolitan’s annual compilation of the most relevant data on city and suburban locales. This year’s table includes more information than ever to define the places we live, from political party donations, to what kind of cars the neighbors drive, to whether they’re cat or dog lovers. Whether you’re shopping for a new home or selling or staying put, there’s no better source for finding your best place to live in one of the best cities to live.

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