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Modern Medicine

What Will It Take to End the Fentanyl Epidemic?

Dr. Caleb Banta-Green explains why a low-barrier treatment program for treating opiod addictions can help, and why there's a holdup.

09/06/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Stretch, Stretch, Baby

Assisted Stretching Studio StretchLab Opens in Issaquah

It's the third Seattle-area stretching studio from StretchLab, with two more Eastside outfits in the works and another planned for South Lake Union.

09/01/2022 By Angela Cabotaje


What to Know about the Covid Test Expiration Date Extension

Receive an iHealth at-home Covid test in the mail? That expiration date has been extended so be sure to check before you chuck.

08/30/2022 By Ann Karneus

In the Weed

Can You Overdose on THC?

Subjective standards, state-by-state laws, and underdeveloped policy leaves much up to the cannabis consumer, says a University of Washington researcher.

08/26/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Gymward Bound

Did Covid Really Change Our Fitness Habits?

In Seattle, virtual workouts can only get you so far, apparently, with local gyms Fremont Health Club and Orangetheory reporting rebounds in attendance.

08/24/2022 By Ann Karneus

Made in WA

Broad Strokes

The former CEO of Optiva died earlier this year. But not before revolutionizing oral hygiene.

08/23/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Made in WA

12 of Washington's Most Vital Medical Inventions

The Scribner shunt, Seattle Foot, and direct current defibrillator are just a few of the health essentials created in this state.

08/23/2022 Edited by Benjamin Cassidy By Angela Cabotaje and Seattle Met Staff

Coronavirus Chronicles

How Long Does Natural Immunity from a Covid Infection Last?

UW Medicine biochemist and researcher John Bowen explains why reinfections and immunity are tough to pinpoint during the ever-changing pandemic.

08/17/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Coronavirus Chronicles

Need Paxlovid? Washington's Telehealth Program Ups Access

Getting a prescription for Covid oral antivirals in King County and Washington is even easier than seeing a doctor in person.

08/08/2022 By Ann Karneus

Status Update

What to Know about the Monkeypox Outbreak in Seattle

From case counts in Washington and King County to the latest on symptoms, testings, and vaccines in Seattle.

08/04/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Coronavirus Chronicles

Symptoms and More on the Covid BA.5 Subvariant in Seattle

The new omicron subvariant has familiar calling cards—cough, runny nose, sore throat—but a wildly different response to vaccines.

08/02/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Coronavirus Chronicles

Adults Younger Than 50 Can't Get a Second Booster Until Fall

Plans to expand eligibility for a second Covid booster shot this summer fizzled out in favor of omicron-specific vaccines anticipated to arrive in fall.

08/01/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Coronavirus Chronicles

CDC Recommends Masking Again in These Washington Counties

Thanks to highly contagious and vaccine-evasive omicron subvariant BA.5, Covid-19 community levels are considered high in these Washington counties.

07/29/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Sunny Days

What's the Best Sunscreen to Get for Seattle Weather?

Virginia Mason dermatologist Dr. Natalie Moriarty explains why we need sunscreen every day, the best sunscreen for babies, what SPF to get, and more.

07/28/2022 By Angela Cabotaje


How to Keep Cool During a Seattle Heat Wave

It's no Heat Dome, but this week's weather forecast in Washington state is worth taking note. Here's everything from air-conditioned spots to tips on cooling down your home.

07/26/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Dial Up

New 988 Mental Health Hotline Opens July 16

The new number supplements existing suicide hotlines, with local Washington mental health organizations like Crisis Connections fielding local callers.

07/08/2022 By Taylor McKenzie Gerlach

Mental Health

A Restaurant Wellness Program Tackles Service Worker Burnout

Deborah Friend Wilson pioneers well-being services to improve her staff's mental health and quality of life at work.

07/01/2022 By Ann Karneus

News Wire

Washington Reacts to the Overturn of Roe v. Wade

Pramila Jayapal, Patty Murray, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and other elected officials, advocacy groups, and local leaders weigh in on the SCOTUS decision.

06/24/2022 By Seattle Met Staff

Coronavirus Chronicles

Relief at Last: First Kids Under 5 Get Their Covid Shots

At Seattle Children's, a handful of children in the age group received their first Covid shots from Pfizer and Moderna.

06/21/2022 By Angela Cabotaje

Coronavirus Chronicles

What to Know About the Covid Vaccine for Kids Under 5

Is the Pfizer or Moderna Covid vaccine better for the youngest among us? And where to get your kids an appointment in Seattle and King County.

06/15/2022 By Angela Cabotaje