The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have made their way into Washington.

The Washington State Department of Health, in partnership with Microsoft AI for Health, has added data on vaccine distribution to its coronavirus data dashboard, as has Public Health—Seattle and King County. The state's numbers are updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; King County's are updated daily, excluding weekends. Both offer a snapshot of our progress toward preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Of note: The state's current goal is to vaccinate about 70 percent of the population above age 16 to achieve herd immunity. The percentages in its dashboard, however, are calculated using the total populations of the state and its counties, not the total amount of people 16-plus. So progress is slightly underestimated. King County's dashboard, however, bases its numbers on the 16-plus population.

With that in mind, here are the latest figures for Washington state and King County.


Percent of people in Washington who've received one dose: 12.73%

Percent of people in Washington who are fully vaccinated: 5.46%

Percent of people in King County 16 years or older who've received one dose: 16.4%

Percent of people in King County 16 years or older who are fully vaccinated: 7.8%

Vaccine Distribution

Vaccine doses given in Washington: 1,379,318

Doses delivered to Washington providers: 1,347,370

Doses delivered for CDC long-term care vaccination program: 162,825

Percentage of all delivered doses given: 91.33%

Doses delivered per day (current seven-day average; state goal: 45,000): 26,380