A New Downtown Vaccination Hub Opens Tomorrow at Amazon

The city partnered with the tech giant, Swedish, and Virginia Mason Franciscan Health to boost our local response.

By Benjamin Cassidy October 22, 2021

The Amazon vaccine hub's Day One is on Saturday, October 23.

Amazon's corporate employees may not be descending on South Lake Union anytime soon, but thousands of other locals probably will be.

On Saturday, Seattle will crank up its vaccine machine again when it opens a weekend hub for Covid shots at the Amazon Meeting Center (2031 Seventh Avenue). Combined with visits by Seattle Fire Department's mobile vaccination teams to targeted communities, the Downtown Seattle Vaccination Hub will deliver as many as 10,000 shots per week as booster shots become more widely available and doses likely open up to more children.

Throughout the fall and winter, Seattleites can visit the center on most weekend days to receive their initial shots or additional jabs of the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson vaccines, the city says. Pfizer's booster was the first to be CDC-backed, and now the other two brands have gotten the same go-ahead. The CDC's most recent announcement also supports mixing and matching booster doses. They're well worth it, given what we know so far: Efficacy rebounds to 95.6 percent after the third Pfizer dose, the company announced this week.

The city partnered with Amazon, Swedish, and Virginia Mason Franciscan Health to open the South Lake Union site. Critically, it will be prepared to dole out the smaller doses that are likely to be approved soon for five to 11-year-olds.

The Amazon hub won't rival Lumen Field Event Center's absurd capacity from earlier in the pandemic. But it will offer a centralized basecamp for vaccine hunters who may not want to put up with searching for appointments at smaller providers, both public and private, in the area.

City dwellers in other areas of Seattle won't have to venture far afield, either. Later this fall, the city plans to open fixed vaccine sites in South and West Seattle.

We'll be sure to keep this list of government-backed sites across King County updated.

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