Ride shares, dog walkers, hot dates—the proliferation of apps has brought tons of amenities to our fingertips, even the food we eat. Since 2014, orders from takeout and delivery services have grown three times faster than those from actual restaurant diners. And it appears Seattle’s a big part of that trend. With just a few taps on a smartphone screen, people here outspend every major U.S. city, annually, on ultra-convenient meals.

Big Appetites

How much Seattleites, on average, shell out for takeout food:

"I’m a small business owner, so it is hard for me to understand what would happen if these [food apps] didn’t exist. I was surprised by how much of my revenue comes from the deliveries—nearly 20 percent—but Seattle is a tough food scene." —Yair Rivlin, restaurant owner, Eggs and Plants

Takeout by the Numbers

► People age 18 to 44 make up nearly 75 percent of active restaurant delivery users nationwide.

► 4 years that Amazon Restaurants tried its hand at food delivery before shutting its app down in June.

► Nearly 43 percent of people who order food to their workplace do so more than twice a week.

► 76 percent of folks say they’re likely to go to a restaurant IRL if they had a good delivery experience.

► 625 percent more popular today than in 2018, beef dumplings are the most beloved order.

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