Attention federal workers: Quality Athletics is offering up one free dinner during the shutdown.

As a result of the longest government shutdown in U.S. history, federal employees have been without paychecks for more than three weeks. And with the DC deadlock showing no signs of stopping, restaurants across the nation have started offering those unpaid employees discounted and complimentary meals to tide them over. Lucky for us, a few in Seattle have caught the philanthropic bug too. Here's where to score a cheap—or free!—meal (if you're a federal employee, of course, so bring valid identification). 

Mioposto Pizzeria

We're certainly not asking for the shutdown to last any longer, but the deals are getting better by the day at Mioposto: Federal employees will receive a 1 percent discount off their final bill each day until they receive their first paycheck (on the 25th day meals are 25 percent off, and so on). With four locations in the area, government workers and their families can get their hands on a bacon and egg breakfast pizza—or, you know, one of the usual suspects—until the other Washington finally reaches a deal.

Piroshky Piroshky

At its Westfield Southcenter location, our local purveyor of Russian baked goods has a deal for overworked TSA workers. Through the end of the month, TSA employees can receive one free piroshky of their choosing each day. Airport lines might be hellacious, but cinnamon cardamon braids, apricot turnovers, and cheddar cheese and garlic rolls certainly make them (slightly) more bearable.

Quality Athletics

Pioneer Square sports pub Quality Athletics is giving back during the shutdown by offering federal employees and their immediate families one free dinner. Spicy kimchi fried rice, “fancy burgers," and carne asada fries on the house? Sign us up. In between bites watch the TV-lined walls as Trump performs “quality athletics” to avoid a run-in with Nancy Pelosi.


During a time in which fast food might seem like the only affordable way to dine out, RN74's got another (much more desirable) option. At the downtown French-inspired brasserie, unpaid government employees can grab a burger and duck fat fries every weekday between 4 and 5:30. Diners can dig in at the bar or in the lounge, or take their meal to go.


Another pizza joint is joining the free food for feds movement: John Sundstrom's Central District pizza restaurant has invited furloughed employees and their families to dine for free on Saturdays until the government reopens. You read that right: Pizza. For dinner. For free. And chewy, crunchy wood-fired pizza at that.

Editor's Note: This article was updated January 18 at 1pm to reflect that Mioposto will offer deals to federal workers until they receive their first paycheck. This article was updated again January 25 to remove Schooner Brewing, which no longer serves food.

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