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The Joy of Smaller Portions

Because sometimes just enough is just enough.

By Kathryn Robinson February 9, 2017

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Oh yeah—and beer too. All at Feed Co. Central District.

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The other night, freshly humbled from a meeting with our financial advisor, my husband and I dropped into Feed Co. Burgers in the Central District because it was on the way home and nobody wanted to cook.  

Yeah, there were $9ish burgers and $7ish shakes, all done with owner Scott Staples’s (Quinn’s, Uneeda Burger) trademark attention to well-sourced ingredients and creative combos. I could’ve ordered a big beefy excess of bacon and barbecue sauce and grilled jalapeños.  

Instead, something in me felt somewhat, well…cowed by it all, pun sort of intended: the size, the richness, the extravagance of imagination. So perusing the menu, I saw this: The Classic Feed Burger, a four-ounce beef patty with sauce and the classic tomato-pickle-lettuce fixins. Plainer. Small(er). Five bucks.

And, I discovered, amply satisfying.

To fully disclose, I also got a small(er) milkshake—a squat little cupful of Snoqualmie Ice Cream shake at $4.50 as opposed to the tall $6.50 regular—and found it a precise match for the burger. In all, a satisfying dinner for under $10: healthily sourced, composed of just enough to feel like healthy sustenance instead of that vaguely overbuttered feeling one usually gets from burgers and shakes, and as tasty as we’ve come to suspect from Scott Staples—who someone ought to crown the Burger Baron of Seattle. (Because Burger King is taken.)

That economy option—along with the parking lot—appears to be making Feed Co. an important family go-to for the Central District.

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