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Do You Know How Much Food You Waste?

A survey suggests at least one-third of Americans don’t.

By Kathryn Robinson October 20, 2016

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Image: Food Insight

Sunday was World Food Day, which makes this as good a week as any to consider our food stewardship. A survey by the International Food Information Council reveals that one-third of Americans say they “don’t create any food waste.”

Um…highly unlikely, in this country where up to 40 percent of our food never makes it into our bodies.

Biggest reasons? According to the same survey, the top cause is forgetting about perishable food until it goes bad (19 percent), buying more fresh or perishable food than we can eat (17 percent), throwing away leftovers (8 percent), and putting more on the plate than we end up eating (7 percent).

Everyone needs to have their own epiphany around their own food waste; I did in our August issue. Because if we’re going to reduce waste, we need to know, first, that we’re doing it.

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