It's been a rocky start to the season for the Seahawks, but a narrow victory is predicted for Seattle in tonight's matchup against the 49ers. (Read: fans will be on the edge of their barstools until the last flag is called, hoping we don't blow another fourth-quarter lead.) Here are a few 'Hawks-inspired treats for all the 12's in need of a late-game pick-me-up, whether it comes in the form of a stiff drink or a sugar high. 

"Beast Mode" Frappuccino 
Starbucks' collaboration with Marshawn Lynch is a double mocha Frappuccino with mint, cream and protein powder, topped off with whipped cream, "purple berry drizzle" and a sprinkling of matcha. We're guessing it rivals the sugar in a bag of Skittles, but it's for a good cause

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Elysian of Boom    
This American-style IPA is one of the rotating drafts at Elysian Brewery's Capitol Hill and Tangletown locations, as well as Elysian Fields; it's also the result of a Super Bowl bet. Drink while feeling confident. 

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Photo via Elysian's Facebook page. 

Russell Sprouts
If you're watching from the comfort of the couch, pick up some Russell Sprouts from PCC to counter the sugar in that Frappuccino.  

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Photo via PCC's Instagram account. 

 The 12th Can
The fan staple is back on draft at Hilliard's taproom, and they're pouring discounted pints during the game. 

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Photo via Hilliard's Instagram account. 

 Seattle Sea Salt
Milk chocolate truffle with sea salt and toffee, perfect for celebrating (or commiserating, if the game goes south). 

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Photo via Seattle Chocolates.


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