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The man himself.

Image via the people of the Nordic Heritage Museum

On Friday, August 14, the Nordic Heritage Museum debuts an exhibit about Seattle's colorful restaurateur Ivar Haglund. 

It's called, of course, Keep Clam and Carry On and showcases the restaurateur's Scandinavian heritage and hijinks-filled career. Photographs, sound recordings, advertising campaigns, and television programs, provide a peek into Haglund's life and contribution to the city. 

Haglund left a quirky fingerprint on Seattle's waterfront with his Ivar's Acres of Clams restaurant, but serving up clams and chowder wasn't his only claim to fame. 

Television, radio, and even the local aquarium acted as platforms for Haglund to preform his salty sea tunes and zany restaurant advertisements. Haglund's publicity and popularity grew when he coined phrases for the restaurant, such as "Keep Clam." 

This bevy of  Haglund memorabilia is around from August 14–November 8 at the Nordic Heritage Museum. To learn more information, visit the website or call the museum. 

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