I grew up in the Bay Area, and my mom owned a Chinese restaurant. I’m basically the snobbiest of snobs when it comes to dim sum. Harbor City (206-621-2228) has this really great shrimp dumpling. A lot of other restaurants have very mealy rice noodles; theirs are pretty great, and once you show up a few times you’re a regular. —Hollis Wong-Wear, The Flavr Blue singer 



 is a market that kind of popped up in Kirkland. It started off just having a deli case, but they were doing tons of business and added seating and drinks. Order a premade meatball from the deli case, and they’ll heat it up for you and put marinara sauce and some herbs on top. They have a brick oven for pizzas and sandwiches, they do their own ribs and fried chicken, and they’ve always got this great broccoli and kale salad. I go at least four or five times a week.
—Brad Evans, Seattle Sounders midfielder


Kedai Makan
 is one of my favorite takeout places. It’s amazing. The food always changes, but I always throw in steamed Chinese greens. It’s usually yu choy or spinach and garlic and soy sauce. It’s filling by itself. They don’t have anywhere to sit, but you can bring the food into Montana, the bar down the street. I take it to Montana and have a Rachel’s Ginger Beer cocktail—usually a Moscow mule. —Charity Rose Thielen, The Head and the Heart vocalist




There’s this new smoked meat place up on Greenwood, Martino’s. They smoke all the meat there. Even the potatoes in the potato salad are smoked. All the sandwiches are great; the tri-tip is the specialty, but the Cuban is really good as well.  —Ken Jennings, Jeopardy! champ, author, intellect at large



The Masonry on Lower Queen Anne—I practically live there these days. Instead of some giant book, the menu has three standard pizzas, three seasonal pizzas, and a handful of appetizers and things. We almost always order the mushroom pizza. They have a great selection of rotating taps with lots of Northwest beers too. —Lindsay Cohen, KOMO 4 News reporter

Pho Hiho
(5963 Corson Ave S) in that little strip mall near South Michigan is the best pho restaurant. But of course it’s ’cause it’s near my office, so I get to go there all the time. The flavor of the broth is superlative; better than at any place that I have tasted. —Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain author

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