Foie gras torchon—just one reason to love Madison Park Conservatory. Photo courtesy of MPC's Facebook page.

While most of us were caught up in the excitement of Super Bowl weekend, Madison Park Conservatory announced Saturday that they’ll be shuttering after three years wowing diners in what Kathryn Robinson called “the best restaurant real estate in Seattle” when she reviewed the restaurant in 2011. Sad, sad news for anyone who loved the intimate space and playful, creative menus composed by chef Cormac Mahoney.

The content of the e-mail sent by MPC follows. I, for one, will be booking a seat at one of their last tables served. And surely we’ll be seeing more from Mahoney—stay tuned as we find out more.

It is with a heavy heart that we let everyone know MPC will be closing its doors after service on February 15th. Restaurants are a crazy thing and many stars have to align to create a successful and enduring place. Although, we would have the liked our run to be much longer we are very proud of the past three years and have many fond memories to look back on. Most importantly, I want to thank our staff, both current and past, for accompanying us on this journey. Also I want to thank all our customers who have enjoyed MPC. So to all those MPC regulars, first dates, birthdays, anniversaries, company parties, wine clubs, family reunions, friendly gatherings, happy hour fans and sunset cocktail sippers - much love for allowing us to spend time with you. The everyday relationships made at MPC is what we'll miss the most. Lastly, thank you to all our vendors. We have been proud of our food because it is always started with great ingredients and it's the tireless work of our many vendors that makes our food possible.

Please visit if you can before we close and make sure to check out our Valentine's Weekend Menu. It is the menu we will be running both February 14th and 15th.

Again thanks for all the love and support and we hope we cross paths again with whatever adventure comes next.......


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