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I am aware that this is perhaps the one week of the year you don’t care that some restaurants specialize in Thanksgiving food. This is the week you specialize in it. But journalists love a topical story. And that stuffing you bring home this Thursday will be history by, oh...about 3pm Saturday.  

Patty’s Eggnest and Turkey House Stay with me now: The nine Patty’s branches flung across the northern hinterlands are split among three brothers. One of them, Tom Chin, owns the four that added turkey dinners to the classic Patty’s breakfast-lunch repertoire. These include branches in Arlington, Everett, Ballard (open all day), and a new one in Ravenna (breakfast and lunch only). Dinerish and cheap. 

Gobble Higher up the food chain is this one-off in Woodinville, from a serious Thanksgivophile who saw a niche—a restaurant devoted to the full Thanksgiving monty—and exploited it. The menu includes slow-roasted turkey; smoked wings and drumsticks; sides from green bean casserole and savory stuffing to roasted Brussels sprouts and mashers with gravy; even turkey pot pie, turkey meat loaf, and turkey chili. There’s also a truck.

Now Make Me A Sandwich This lunch truck does bang-up biz Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays around the Terry/Thomas intersection of South Lake Union for, among other selections, its Thanksgetting Sandwich: a behemoth of sliced turkey, bacon, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, and rosemary aioli.

Bakeman’s The turkey sandwich kitchen time forgot does crazy volume every lunch hour in the exact same sandwiches—fresh roasted turkey on white bread with shredded lettuce and mayo and cranberry sauce—you’ll be making all weekend. They’re so ridiculously cheap ($4.75 with sauce) you won’t care that the place is operated by a guy who makes the Soup Nazi seem like Doris Day.



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