Go thank the woman behind the invaluable Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guide.

Over the last century, numbers of the oceans’ large predatory fish have diminished by 90 percent. The acidification of our waters, a by-product of global warming, is stunning scientists by damaging sea habitats much faster than anyone predicted. Clearly, we need to find a new relationship with the ocean.

A program next Sunday makes a great place to start. Town Hall, in conjunction with the charming Ballard dinnerhouse-salon Belle Clementine, brings Julie Packard to town for an evening of discussion and dining. Packard, executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, will talk with KUOW host Marcie Sillman about the long-term viability of the ocean and what we as seafood consumers can do to support it.

We here in the food department of Seattle Met like this topic. A lot.

The bad news: The $85 dinner’s sold out. (Really, it’s okay—you didn’t want chef David Sanford’s gorgeous multi-course treatments of local fisherman-guru Pete Knutson’s fresh catches anyway, or his stinkin’ wine pairings.) The good news: A conversation with Packard and Sillman at Belle Clementine before dinner should be plenty rich and chewy all by itself. Pete Knutson, founder of Loki Fish Company, will even be there to provide the fisherman’s perspective.

Discussion starts at 4:30, Sunday, September 22. Tickets cost $5, right here. See how much money we just saved you?

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