The Fez on Wheels mobile. Image via Facebook.

We've got that summertime, summertime food trucks—does anyone else have Lana Del Rey stuck in their head? Nevermind that. Here are two new foodmobiles that should be on your radar.

Fez on Wheels
Long time pals Jason Vickers and Chris Andersen have been involved in the Seattle catering scene for years. They decided last year to bring their Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fare to the streets.  You can check out photos of the meatballs and spicy ginger soda from Thrillist here. Andersen says the chicken tagine with garlic and apricots is a summer favorite. Also, don't miss the housemade pickled lemon, a traditional condiment in Moroccan cuisine. 

The bright red truck has a cartoon dude wearing, you guessed it, a fez. Thrillist already used up all the obvious jokes about Wilmer Valderrama from That '70s Show. Check for locations on Facebook, but starting in July it’ll be heading to Ballard on Mondays.

Poke to the Max
Chef Sam Choy is coming in on four wheels to the Northwest with his version of poke. Choy’s an Iron Chef, a Chopped box survivor, and practically a Hawaiian king (of poke.) He’s teaming up with Bent Burger owner Dan Bent and family friend Max Heigh. Heigh says “Uncle Sam” is here to train the group in the Island way. Twitter photos show that he is indeed in the city. Poke to the Max (insert Saved By The Bell reference here) will be serving Hawaiian cuisine like loco moco and a whole list of poke items. Choy plans on experimenting with variations on the dish from the traditional ahi tuna to tofu, and even prime rib.

The group hopes to have the truck up and running mid-July and plan on unveiling it at the Stone House Cafe—an old renovated gas station off of Rainier that is soon to be a bar, restaurant, and coffee shop. Bent and Heigh also plan to turn the parking lot at the Stone House into a food truck area catering to the South End and Boeing employees. 

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