Courtesy of GoodJobsSeattle and The Nation.

The Nation: The fast-food strike that has over the last several months shut down burger, taco, and other mystery-meat joints in New York, Chicago, Milwaukie, St. Louis, and Detroit hit Seattle last night and continues today, over employee beefs about low wages and intimidation from management over unionizing. News reports across Seattle say employees are walking off their jobs today at area Burger Kings, Taco Bells, Subways, and at least one Chipotle. –Kathryn Robinson 

Esquire: On the occasion of the magazine’s annual Best Bars package, editor in chief David Granger introduces us to his favorite bartender, an anonymous woman in an anonymous bar a few blocks north of the Esquire offices. She makes a good drink but has yet to fully warm up to Granger—which is fine by him because she has “personality,” a rare thing these days, he says. “The modern bartender is often so engrossed in the complications of his craft or, once the drink is made, in explaining to you the complications of his craft that he doesn't have the will to be anything more than an artisan.” —James Ross Gardner

NY Observer (via Eater): As the steward of Nosh Pit and Sauced, I think a lot about the buzz we accord new restaurants, and how to keep paying attention to the great ones that have been open for years. So I devoured Josh Ozersky's call to arms on how dining blogs impact New York's restaurant scene: "By creating unsustainable hype around new restaurants, online food sites condemn those six months or older to murderous silence and obscurity." Blogs can also force restaurants to "stress novel dishes and weird concepts," and "valorize young, unproven chefs who are often immature jerks and are almost always unequal to the demands of running a restaurant over the long term." There's also that whole cronut thing. –Allecia Vermillion 


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