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The educated eater (ahem, flexitarian) and the dirtiest fruits in your basket

By Seattle Met Staff April 25, 2013

Is nothing sacred? This year's Dirty Dozen winners may also make this the year of the flexitarian, or omnivore within reason. Image via Wikimedia.

New York Times: "And so a spectrum informs the contemporary diet: on one end is thoughtlessness; on the other, neurosis": Mark Bittman's new Flexitarian column is a kind of manifesto of realistic healthy eating. Bittman posits, “The moderate, conscious eater — the flexitarian — knows where the goal lies.”—Katherine Koberg

Seattle Times: Apples aren’t catching any breaks this year with their new title as most “pesticide-contaminated fruit” in the annual Dirty Dozen list. In close competition, the likes of strawberries, grapes, and tomatoes can also hang their sullied heads in shame. Check out the Clean 15 winners if your shopping cart is looking a bit sparse.—Rachel Breiwick

Portland Monthly: I met Ben Jacobsen last spring down in Portland when my parents set up a slightly awkward "hey, you are the same age and should totally be friends" wine date with his wife. And lo and behold, the guy has since started making some rocking good sea salt already been embraced by the likes of Renee Erickson, Chris Cosentino, and April Bloomfield. Ben Tepler's profile of Jacobsen tells a great story while also touching on the glories of good salt and the choice between supporting an upstart local artisan or the guys who have been doing it for centuries.—Allecia Vermillion

Esquire: On the magazine’s “Eat Like a Man” blog, Cal Fussman, Esquire’s star interviewer—he of the oft imitated “What I’ve Learned” series—enjoys a glass of Pinot Grigio from actress Drew Barrymore’s new label. Better yet, he enjoys it with Drew Barrymore, whom he meets at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival. Money quote: “[Pinot Grigio] comes from a humble grape that blends into the moment, never tries to steal the scene, preferring to fit in, relaxed and comfortable.” Bonus: The post includes audio of Barrymore singing a line from Etta James.—James Ross Gardner

And, actually, Instagram: Locavores, gastronomists, and now the growing Instawhore population can enjoy the hashtagged food porn from local food sorceress (and Salty Seattle blogger) Linda Miller Nicholson on an updated basis. Better known by her alias @SaltySeattle, her Instagram feed of sassy gourmet creations (check out her chocolate-coated chipotle chicken feet) and hilarious unapologetic captions make Salty’s love affair with food palpably sexy. As she puts it, “After the kitchen is the bedroom.”—Rachel Breiwick



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