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The Sammich Truck Will Open in April

Yep, another new food truck, this one all about the "sandwiches everyone loves."

By Christopher Werner March 7, 2013

Photo courtesy the Sammich Truck Facebook.

And now, an addendum to that roster of forthcoming food trucks. Colby Rosauer and Jason Graham hope to open the Sammich Truck within a matter of weeks.

Rosauer describes the outfit as dedicated to the "sandwiches that everyone loves." In their months of research and prep, he and Graham came up with 17 such sandwiches but have winnowed that list down to five.

The resulting stacks are indeed familiar but the flourishes are distinctly theirs. The meatballs are made with a 60-year-old Sicilian family recipe. Mozzarella in the caprese is dredged in breadcrumbs then flash fried; balsamic comes in the form of rich mayo sauce. For the philly cheesesteak, homemade provolone sauce usurps the traditional (and occasionally questionable) whiz. "I can't smother that stuff on such quality beef," quips Rosauer. The beef, by the way, is grass fed and comes from a farm in Oregon. There's also a triple-cheese grilled cheese. The bread is from Essential Baking Company.

Rosauer is a Spokane native who moved hither to attend culinary school. He's worked in various restaurants and also for AT&T, where he met Graham. When the corporate lifestyle started grating on them, they decided to capitalize on Rosauer's food-loving roots. For a time Rosauer and his wife also owned Trailside Cafe in Fremont before their now-five-year-old twins came along.

Which brings us to the schedule. Rosauer and Graham are self-described family guys so will limit operations to five days week—Tuesday through Saturday. They're looking to park at various pods including the ones on Second and Pike and in South Lake Union, Georgetown, and the Harbor Steps.

The truck is all ready to go; Rosauer and Graham are just playing the inspections waiting game. If all goes as planned the Sammich Truck will open on the first of April.

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