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New cheeses in Kirkland and at Beecher's, Queen Anne's new pop-up hub, and a repository of International District takeout menus.

By Seattle Met Staff March 13, 2013

Hanna Raskin's weekend project: Collecting and uploading takeout menus from the ID for your viewing pleasure.


Back in 2010, Jason Sheehan wrote a review of High 5 Pie that ranks as one of the most brutal in Seattle's collective, nicey-nice memory. Whatever you may think of her pies, owner Dani Cone's response was a lesson in class; this Seattle Times piece lays out Cone's background and how she dealt with that review (framing was involved). And there's only one bad pie pun.


Some of us catch up on Nashville episodes on the weekends. Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin gathers every takeout menu she can find in the ID and uploads them all to a website for your pre-takeout perusal. Hanna, this is service journalism at its finest.


Beecher's newest cheese, a washed-rind beauty called Flatiron after the location of its Manhattan shop, has officially arrived at the Seattle original. However you can't sample it just yet—Beecher's in Pike Place Market is closed until Saturday, March 16, for a bit of refurbishment.

Remember how the Pike Place fish guys were on the Today show last week? Here's the clip.


What up with trucks running into restaurants this month? On Saturday Brian Canlis posted this photo of a wayward truck that crashed onto Canlis property. Eater Seattle followed up and reports that hardly any diners noticed the drywall-hauling truck that just happened to be stuck next to the front entrance.

Grub is the sight of Kraken Congee's debut and a monthly Feral Feast dinner. Queen Anne View reports that Grub owner Sharon Fillingim wants to make her hilltop restaurant a go-to pop-up hub.


Ooh, this is cool. Trellis, the lovely restaurant at the Heathman, now has its own collection of jack cheeses, aged at least six months and developed with Duvall's Cherry Valley dairy and made with produce and herbs from executive chef Brian Scheehser's farm in Woodinville. Think blueberry basil, carrot nasturtium, and lavender-rubbed aged jack. The cheeses will be part of daily menu specials.


Another sure sign of spring—farmers markets are setting their opening dates. The Queen Anne Farmers Market returns June 6, Broadway is back April 21, and here are the kickoff dates for some of the other biggies.

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