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An Opening Date—and Lineup—for the Georgetown Food Truck Pod

Several notable newcomers are among the 10 trucks slated to appear.

By Christopher Werner March 22, 2013

Food trucks: Coming to Pioneer Square in 2014.

The Georgetown food truck pod, one of several taking shaping throughout central Seattle, is on track to open April 1 (insert obligatory "No joke!" joke). The lunchtime cluster will feature 10 different four wheelers, including two we've been anticipating: How Pickle Got Out of a Jam and Evolution Revolution.

Others on board include Skillet, Monte Cristo, Jemil's Big Easy, and Xplosive. The trucks will rotate through the lot at 6100 Fourth Avenue South between 11 and 2 on weekdays (check the website for specifics).

As for those other pods, a few updates: The one at the foot of the Harbor Steps is on track to open soon, while a few snafus are delaying plans for another in SoDo. Organizer Amy Novak says the owner of the lot at 2918 First Avenue South is sorting through land use permits with the city (and it's proving somewhat thorny). Finally, the fleet at Second and Virginia will likely start up in May; co-organizer Stewart Chung (one influential guy) wanted to space out the launches of the various pods.

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