The Spoon Project debuted at Seattle Underground Market. Photo via the Spoon Project Facebook.

Seattle chefs, it turns out, are not so into so-called "food raves." The final Seattle Underground Market, a hush-hush culinary bonanza in which the location and password is revealed only to members, is happening on January 19.

It hasn't been an easy go for organizer Michaela Graham, who moved here from Atlanta intent on resurrecting the market she started there. Her inaugural event in September raised some eyebrows, and while Graham would go on to hold several more of them, she's discovered the interest ultimately is not there.

"In the past months I've had discussions with hundreds of people who were all excited and couldn't wait to start showcasing their culinary skills," Graham wrote in a newsletter sent out over the weekend. "But most never came around. Unless I suddenly have an onslaught of new food talent who are [sic] willing to go for it, I just can't continue."

Before launching in September Graham spoke of her excitement in providing a platform for fledgling chefs. That certainly proved true for some—The Spoon Project got its start under Graham's watch—but alas:

"While this has been a great success for a number of the participating entrepreneurs, there are not enough of them to keep it going. Many people simply don't want opportunities that are 'off the beaten path'. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

Tickets for the final market are available on Brown Paper Tickets and cost $10 for early entry at 5pm. Show up an hour later and admission is $5.  

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