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Genetically modified food, a national critic bags on Seattle, and Hot Pockets.

By Seattle Met Staff November 8, 2012



Mother Jones: Prop. 37—California’s noble stab at requiring genetically modified food to be labeled as such—“got crushed under fat stacks of cash” this week from Big Food behemoths like Monsanto and Kraft.  Read this and weep. —Kathryn Robinson

GQ: It's dining writer extraordinaire Alan Richman's turn to write a love letter to Portland, and he throws in quite a dig at Seattle. The critic once predicted our own city would experience a major culinary renaissance, "But Seattle, it turned out, was just like every other city." Time to throw another drink in this guy's face, Treme-style. —Allecia Vermillion

Seattle Times: Good interview with Padma Lakshmi about Top Chef, raising a two year old and how she likes Seattle. —Katherine Koberg

Portland Monthly: Karen Brooks, restaurant editor at sister publication Portland Monthly, reports on the closure of downtown's Market, opened by well-known Portland restaurateur Kurt Huffman. The article provides rather fascinating commentary on how location, landlords, luck, and ego factor into the success—or in this case, failure—of a restaurant. —Christopher Werner

Saveur: Local writer Drew Zandonella-Stannard has a family history that is rich and nutty like a shot of espresso.  This essay shows her nontraditional upbringing immersed in the coffee business of Seattle, before our city had a Starbucks on every corner.  —Cassandra Callan

Huffington Post: When he wasn't busy rescuing old ladies from burning buildings and recharging powerless Sandy victims' cell phones from his apartment, your pretend boyfriend, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, was delivering Hot Pockets to the teeming masses. —Erica C. Barnett

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