Monte Cristo, now available in the AM.

Several grilled cheese food trucks have opened recently, but before those griddles were going there was Monte Cristo.

Danielle Custer announced in January she was vacating her director's post at Taste to launch the truck devoted to all things “ooey, gooey, melty." Predictably, the news incited Bieber-level excitement—Custer is a respected name in local culinary circles, and come on, it's a truck revolving around cheese. The target opening was in May, but that didn't happen. Now Custer is in the final throes of permitting; a tentative launch of October 22 has been mentioned.

Till then, steel those arteries with a look at five sandwiches Custer has planned—“ooey, gooey, melty” indeed, and certainly more inspired than your typical grilled cheese.

The Classic
Grafton cheddar,  New Moon jack and gruyere on Macrina brioche with spiced blueberry au jus on the side.

The “Full Monte” Cristo
Cinnamon-swirl bread is buttered, batter dipped, and griddled, then piled with Canadian bacon and a blend of cheeses. Finishing touches come in the form of powdered sugar and fresh-squeezed lime.

Shrooms on a Shingle
An open-faced option. Macrina rosemary is topped with sautéed mushrooms, béchamel, fontina, and sottocenere (a truffle cheese) before the broiling begins. Shell out an extra dollar for a farm-fried egg. 

Samish Bay Creamery "Shout Out"
Black Mambazo (cocoa- and mole-dusted aged Ladysmith), chive Ladysmith, gouda, and peach-jalapeño chutney is served as a torta.

Big Messy Madness
It's not named that for nothing. Duck confit, taleggio, fontina, and mozzarella provide the base, while braised fall greens, lemon aioli, and Deluxe Foods gingered rhubarb jam add some layers. Lest you think it ends there, cracklins come on top.

The sandwiches start at around $7 and top out at $10. Optional accoutrements include schmears (fennel-scallion cream cheese, herbed asiago, orange-scented lebneh) and various pickled things. Also on the menu are lobster and tarragon mac and cheese, fried Beecher's curds, and two tomato-y soups. One of them is a creamy version.

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