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New Food Truck: Seattle Biscuit Company

A truck dedicated to biscuits. How excellent.

By Christopher Werner September 17, 2012

Between this and that menu at the Wandering Goose, biscuit people are in for quite a fall. Photo via Facebook.

Here comes a food truck all about—ready for this?—biscuits. Over the weekend Sam Thompson and David Hanson debuted their bakery-on-wheels, Seattle Biscuit Company.

The duo is doing biscuits with sausage gravy, and cheesy grits and possibly bourbon bread pudding, but the focus is biscuit sandwiches. Examples include butter and Ballard Bee Company honey; or egg, bacon, Beecher's, and homemade jalapeno jelly. Dainty they are not. Thompson puts the cakes at four inches wide and several inches thick.

Ingredients are local—obsessively so (they've coined a new tagline, "farm to biscuit"). Thompson, originally from Mississippi, and Hanson, from Georgia, have devised a sourcing strategy that just might trump the most diehard ecochef: Purveyors must be close enough that Thompson can run to them.

See, Thompson was a professional runner for 10 years; Hanson is a photographer and journalist. Naturally he views the truck as an opportunity to tell stories. As Thompson treks to Carnation for jelly and tackles the 150-mile jaunt for Shepherd's Grain flour, Hanson will document the journeys via video. They also will create shorts ("source stories") about the producers and post them on the Seattle Biscuit Company website.

According to Thompson, the truck will follow a limited schedule for the first month and then likely expand. Locations are TBD. This past weekend the biscuits were flying at Chuck's Hop Shop on 85th and Hilliard's in Ballard, and Thompson imagines those might be regular stops in the future as well.

Today Seattle Biscuit Company is at Zoka Coffee's headquarters on Nickerson. Then Thompson is off to take on the Glacier Peak Triple Threat (making that 150-mile flour run seem a breeze). Look out for schedule updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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