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Happy Grillmore Food Truck: "Here for Good"

Good news, carnivores: The Chubs burger is here to stay.

By Christopher Werner August 14, 2012

Happy Grillmore is here to stay. Photograph by William Anthony.

Those who track the food truck scene will recall Happy Grillmore arrived early in the New Year with a beefy menu in hand. A hit in hometown Portland, where owners Darren McGill and Kryse Martin-McGill garnered buzz aplenty for their Tillamook-topped Chubs patty, the truck trekked up I-5 to partake in the Microsoft pod.

At the time the transplants weren't sure how long they'd stick around, but it seems carnivores can relax. "I think we are here for good," confirms the duo. "We have a few locations that have been pretty good for us."

Last week Grillmore secured a new Tuesday spot in SoDo at Fourth and Lander (the Pep Boys parking lot), and on the 15th starts on Wednesdays at Boren and Harrison. Thursdays it's still Microsoft at 10525 Willows Road NE, and Fridays the truck is back in SLU at 414 Boren Avenue.  

Also possibly in the pipeline: Sunday breakfasts (tacos, egg sandwiches) in Ballard at Hilliard's brewery. Details still need ironing out, so stayed tuned.

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