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Another Gourmet Dog Japon for Downtown Seattle

The beloved stand serving Japanese-inspired sausages sets up in Westlake Center.

By Christopher Werner June 28, 2012

Gourmet Dog Japon expands—sorta. Photo by Paul Kooiman, food styling by Jean Galton.

Good news, fans of oroshi and wasabi mayo. Gourmet Dog Japon, that downtown beacon of cheap eating, has spawned another cart.

The cherry red stand (not to be confused with those cherry red Target kiosks) is stationed in Westlake Center, and serves the same menu of extravagantly dressed, Japanese-hewing franks, say employees. It’s familiar territory for the hawkers—just several blocks from the one on Pike and Second, which is just several blocks from the one that has occupied Pike Place Market.

Admittedly, this addition isn’t exactly new—it launched several months ago—but with summer ostensibly on the way, one assumes it will make plenty more regular appearances. Plus: Gourmet Dog Japon!

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