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Truck Stop: Sanjey Noriega of Curry Now

A peripetatic basketball player returns to his roots.

By Christopher Werner April 17, 2012

Sanjey Noriega of Curry Now

"I started a food truck because I always wanted to run my own business and felt I should do something I enjoy: cooking." And so, after eight years traveling the globe as a basketball player, Sanjey Noriega returned to Seattle, where he had settled as a teen, and set out to launch his mobile business.

His truck, Curry Now, offers a rotating selection of East Indian and Pakistani dishes drawing from an arsenal of family recipes. Consider it the four-wheeled response to this city’s dearth of decent Indian eats.

Here, Noriega pulls over for a few questions.

What items sells out first? Our chicken curry bowl is by far our most popular item. It’s the one constant on our menu.

What else should I try? The chicken tacos, because they are served on roti that I make every day.

Where do your recipes come from? Most are longtime family recipes that I learned from my mother and my aunts. Others I learned on my own and developed through practice. I usually spend a couple weeks practicing before I will introduce a new dish to the public.

What item will you never reveal the recipe for? The mixture for our masala. It is a unique mix that we have developed over time.

Any aspirations to expand or go brick-and-mortar? For now, we want to focus on the street food, but we may venture that way at some point.

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