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New Food Truck: Scratch Deli

Sandwiches with an obsessively local focus, from a former Whole Foods butcher.

By Christopher Werner April 11, 2012

All from scratch. Photo courtesy

Last summer Ian Thackaberry embarked on some rather idyllic—and ambitious—research: He frequented every farmers market in the city in an attempt to get to know as many vendors possible at each one. The relationships he forged inform the menu at his week-old, obsessively local sandwich truck, Scratch Deli.

As you may have gathered from the name, ingredients are from scratch. Either they’re crafted in-house by Thackaberry or by those aforementioned purveyors. Take, for instance, the PB&J made with Deluxe Foods jam and CB’s Nuts peanut butter. Or the chicken salad lacquered with a hazelnut pesto aioli he whips up using Holmquist Hazelnut Orchard out of Lynden, Washington. (“Way up there” in terms of what to order, confides Thackaberry.) As the weather warms and farmers market season takes off, Thackaberry expects he’ll roll out featured items so as to showcase more suppliers.

Thackaberry is parking at Wine World Warehouse in Wallingford. He’s staying put there for the time being, and why not? Just one week in and he has hit his one month goal.

Thackaberry comes to Seattle after a stint in Portland. He graduated from college in 2008 with a degree in finance and economics but soon realized the field wasn’t for him. So he got behind the butcher’s counter at Whole Foods—“like going back to college,” he says of the enlightening experience. Thrillist has a video with Thackaberry, if you are so inclined to meet him.

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