Find Lilli-Pilli jam at the Crossroads Farmers Market. Photo via Facebook.

Lilli-Pilli macarons are beloved by Seattle Met staffers, so it goes without saying we were pleased to learn owner Rhiannon Devine is dabbling in jellies and jams.

Devine will sell her spreads at the Crossroads Farmers Market when it opens May 29. Flavors you might encounter include a golden raspberry Grand Marnier or rhubarb and Black Heron Spirits limoncello. Add a touch of booze and "people are all over it," chuckles the Aussie. The blueberry is made with the wild strain rubel from Washington farm Whitehorse.

Quantities are limited, about a dozen of each flavor—Devine is adamant about making this a small-batch operation—and come in 6.4 ounce jars and go for $7 or $8. (Though that could change, Devine has yet to nail down a price.) And my, is that packaging nice.

Devine has long experimented with jams and jellies; she initially wanted to focus on them and not macs, in fact. But relax. She has no intention of forgoing the macaron making. To the contrary, Devine has secured considerable more time in her commissary kitchen, so will likely pump out a hefty amount while an employee mans the Crossroads stand. (Side note: Lilli-Pilli may have a presence at several markets, but Crossroads is the only one that will carry the jars.) The fillings in many of her pastries are jams, so the opportunity to expand on that only seemed fitting.

Around the same time the market debuts Devine plans to implement an online ordering system. Watch for the opportunity on the Lilli-Pilli website.

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