Food Trucks 2012: Mobile Misadventures

True stories from the food truck front lines.

By Christopher Werner April 30, 2012 Published in the May 2012 issue of Seattle Met

Marination Mobile
Kamala Saxton

“When you think you put Big Blue in park, jump out of the truck, but it’s actually in neutral, that sucker will roll. It came within feet of hitting a client’s garage and then rolling into Lake Washington at a catering event.”


Fusion on the Run
Cassandra Seaman

“On our first day in Georgetown I had the truck parked in front of my house in West Seattle. Two cars parked really close to me, so I couldn’t get out. I ended up scraping the tires on the edge of the sidewalk trying and it ripped three tires off of the wheel wells. Fifteen hundred dollars in tires later, we still made it to our location on time.”


Lumpia World
Derrick Ellis

“As we were pulling into our parking space to serve up grub in South Lake Union, the tongue of our trailer completely snapped off at 10:24am, leaving us stranded until 4:45pm until we could find a company that could tow us to a facility to get repaired. The following Wednesday we were pulling out of storage and the back axle cracked. We made a decision to drive it to the trailer company two miles away. Since the very rear axle was broken, the trailer would drag, preventing us from backing out, so we had to get creative and use a skateboard under the axle. To our surprise, it worked, but the wheel was rubbing so bad, it started to smoke. We took off the tire and just drove very slowly on three wheels versus four.”


Street Treats
Diane Skwiercz

“My second week in business I didn’t lock the customer service awning. We hit a bump and the awning flew open, hitting a Metro bus and slashing its back three windows. We were vending at a Mariners game that evening and we still made it, but lesson learned.”


Joshua Henderson

“I was en route to Port Angeles to cater a Coors commercial for about 100 people. I could hear a tire rattling around and was pretty sure it was going to come off. However it was midnight and I didn’t want to stop—and I needed to have the crew on set by 5am with breakfast ready. The tire ended up coming off about one hour away and went rolling off into the woods never to be seen again. I crawled into Port Angeles on three tires.”

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