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One to Watch For: Pretzelwagen

Look for her Allison Barnes and her Bavarian knots in June.

By Christopher Werner March 8, 2012

You will want to try these pretzels. Photo courtesy

Allison Barnes says she is bringing Pretzelwagen to the West Seattle pod starting June 3. Barnes will be there every subsequent Sunday for lunch throughout the rest of the month. Are we jumping the gun a bit? Maybe, but Barnes’s wares are worth tracking.

As you may have gathered from the name, Pretzelwagen offers real-deal Bavarian knots, notably the Oma Stein, named for the grandmother-in-law whose recipe Barnes uses. (In his Seattle Weekly days Jonathan Kauffman was a big, big fan.) Barnes also does sweet and cheesy kinds, with cream cheese dips and mustards available on the side.

Years ago Barnes got her start shilling at farmers markets from a stand called Heavenly Pastry, which quickly acquired her a fan base. In 2010 she opened a brick-and-mortar offshoot in West Seattle, but it has since shuttered. More recently Barnes and her 1970s VW bus have been making cameos at street food rallies and supplying Dante’s Inferno Dogs. She’s planning to hit up Seattle International Beer Fest in July, and does expects to add more outings to her schedule.

If all is right in the world Barnes will deliver on that promise. In the meantime she’s off to Germany and Prague to enjoy herself some pretzels.

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