Bartime Bites

Pinky’s Kitchen Goes Late Night

Now available for midnight consumption: crispy mac and cheese, rib sandwiches, and sliders of all stripes.

By Christopher Werner November 17, 2011

Bet this tastes good at 2am. Photo courtesy Pinky’s Kitchen.

When Pinky’s Kitchen debuted in Wallingford last week, co-owner Andrew Bray assured bar goers late-night hours were on the way. Now he’s making good on that promise.

Bray says the barbecue truck at 210 NE 45th Street is slinging Fridays and Saturdays until 2:30am. The entire comfort food menu is on offer.

With Dick’s Drive-In and Rancho Bravo a stone’s throw away, Bray christens the stretch of street the “midnight triangle” of late-night noshing. Nom nom nom.

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